I was one of the original developers of ‘The Delta’. Several years ago I sold my share in the venture and was sad to watch on as the final stages of the development fell victim to the depressed property market and remained unfinished for several years. When the opportunity to become involved again came up I was eager to finish the project the way that we had always intended to. Over the last few months we have worked hard to do that and the area now looks fantastic.

Recent indications suggest the property market is on the rise again. For buyers and investors now is a good time to be getting back into the market. With this in mind we are making twenty properties available on 26 October (Labour Weekend). We make no bones about the fact that we will be selling on price. The cost price of a newly developed section anywhere is now well in excess of $100 000. Service costs, council fees, GST and realty fees, as well as the purchase value of the land add up to make the cost of Delta properties upwards of $120 000. With sections at The Delta starting at $55 000, and predominantly under $80 000, there is great value to be had.

There are many opportunities here:

  • The investor looking to diversify their portfolio by buying a low cost section, or several at a discounted price
  • A young person looking to get a start in the property market at an affordable price while they still can
  • The holiday buyer looking to secure a section at a low price with an eye to putting a crib on when the time is right
  • A local looking to build a new home in the most exciting area in residential Te Anau

With Fiordland National Park at the boundary the outlook from the Delta across the lake and into the Southern Alps is unbelievably beautiful. Sections will never be developed at this price again and the market is poised to rise. Make it yours.


Adam Fairmaid