Te Anau is a peaceful and appealing lakeside town with a permanent population of approximately 3 500 people which can quickly swell to over 10 000 during the summer months.

As a tourist destination the township is set up to cater for visitors year round with a busy shopping precinct and a fine selection of restaurants, cafes and services, as well as a modern cinema.

The weather is predominantly hot and dry in the summer and cool, crisp and frosty in the winter and these definitive seasons add to the overall charm of the township.

There are two area schools in the district. The Te Anau School caters for primary aged students and Fiordland College, a co-educational secondary school, caters for years 7 – 13. The College is well known for its unique outdoor education programmes.

A comprehensive network of services is available in Te Anau with two supermarkets in the town operating seven days a week. Medical services, community organisations, churches, make up part of the infrastructure along with a well-stocked library, community, arts and sporting centres.

There is low unemployment in the district due to the demand for seasonal tourism workers and surrounding farming activities. With a timeless quality, picturesque natural landscape, and many outdoor experiences at the heart of the province, Te Anau is a wonderful lifestyle destination.

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