The Delta has a number of constructive controls in place to help shape the future of the development. These controls contribute to enhancing the overall character of the area with native plantings and the protection of individual property’s view shafts and corridors.

Each property that is built at The Delta is subject to the normal consent requirements as set down by the Southland District Council District Plan. To find out more information about district council consents please click here. These may include items like height restrictions, zone boundaries and landscaping.

The list below outlines the Design Guideline for some or/all of The Delta sections.

A copy of the actual covenant document can be viewed here: Delta Covenants


1. No pre-built, transportable or relocatable dwellings or previously lived in dwellings to be moved to the Lot.

2. Not to use in the building, erection or construction of any dwelling or fence on any Lot;

(a) Any of the following cladding or external materials

  • Fibre cement weatherboards with the exception of Hardiflex Linea panels
  • Uncoated fibre materials other than factory pre-finished roofing materials
  • Plywood or ply products
  • Iron and steel whether galvanised or not unless new and pre-painted or coloursteel
  • Concrete blocks unless such blocks are painted within 3 months of erection

(b) Any colour on any cladding or external materials that:

  • Is not within the range of muted earthen hues found in the local landscape and from British Standard 4800 and 2660
  • Is not used in or applied to the exterior of any dwelling with more than two other colours from the same range
  • Does not in combination with such cladding or exterior materials have a reflectivity of more than 40%,and

(c) Any roof with a pitch of less than 30 degrees provided however that a flat roof or a mono pitched roof on a dwelling is permissible

3. Not to build, erect or construct any building or structure (excluding a fence) in the front yard

4. Not to build, erect or construct any garage on the Lot within 6 metres of an adjoining legal road

5. Not to build, erect or construct any separate accessory building on the Lot clad in materials and with decorative finishes and colours which are not the same or similar to those on the dwelling

6. Not to allow or permit the construction of any building on the Lot or landscaping of the Lot to continue beyond a period of 18 months from the commencement of such construction nor to allow or permit any dwelling in the course of construction to be left without substantial work being carried out for a period exceeding 3 months


1. No to plant on the Lot any;

(a) Species of Pinus radiate, Pinus ponderosa, Pinus contorta, Douglas Fir or Eucalyptus, or

(b) Any row of trees intended to create a hedgerow or shelterbelt in excess of 2 metres in height from ground level at the base of the tree, or

(c) Plant listed on the list of Plant Pests maintained by Environment Southland or any other Local Government Authority having governance over the Lot

2. Not to permit any tree growing at any time on the Lot to exceed 7 metres in height

3. Not to permit any more than 20% of the surface of any front yard inclusive of any driveway to be covered or sealed with any impervious material

4. Not to construct any vehicle crossing to the Lot in excess of 4 metres in width nor to construct any vehicle crossing in such a manner and out of such materials that do not compliment and blend with the footpaths and vehicle access points provided by the Grantor to the Lot

5. Not to erect or install any exterior flood lighting that is directed upwards for the purpose of illuminating a dwelling or any planting on the Lot

6. Not to erect or install any exterior flood lighting that would have the effect of illuminating any part of Lake Te Anau, its foreshore and any land situated immediately between Lake Te Anau and the northern boundary of the Grantors land and which is under the control of the Dept of Conservation or any other statutory body


1. No fence on any boundary of a front yard to be higher than 800mm above the ground

2. No fence on any boundary outside the front yard that is higher than 1.8 metres above the ground

3. No hedge on any boundary outside of a front yard that is higher than 2 metres from ground level

4. Not to build, erect or construct any fence on the Lot that contains shade cloth, netting, iron or steel unless pre-painted or coloursteel, or unpainted timber unless hardwood, tantalised or creosoted